A little bit about us.

A little bit about us.

Welcome to CG Media.

As a dedicated professional in the real estate industry, my journey has been one of constant learning and adaptation. My name is Garrett Heskett, and I have the privilege of being the owner and operator of CG Media, a leading Real Estate Media company in Southwest Florida. My dual expertise in real estate sales and photography has been a cornerstone of my career.

Over several years, I had leaned to hone my skills in operating a real estate sales team, gaining an in-depth understanding of the market's dynamics. While I am no longer practice real estate sales, this experience has been instrumental in my role at CG Media, where I bring my unique perspective to the table. My passion for real estate photography, a craft I have been perfecting for three years, allows me to capture the true essence of properties, showcasing them in the most compelling light.

At CG Media, my role goes beyond just photography; it's about storytelling. Each property has its unique narrative, and through my lens, I strive to tell these stories, highlighting the beauty and distinct features of homes in Southwest Florida. My work here is not just a job; it's a fusion of my technical skills in photography and my market acumen, contributing significantly to CG Media's reputation for presenting properties with exceptional visual appeal and professionalism.

This journey has been more than just a career path; it's been a fulfilling adventure, allowing me to merge my passions and skills in a way that benefits both the company and our clients. As I continue to grow and evolve in this industry, my commitment to excellence and innovation remains steadfast, driving me to new heights in the world of real estate media.